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Standby Generators

Air-Cooled Standby Generators


Eaton's standby generators continually monitor your home's connection to the local electric utility. Outages trigger the system to automatically switch to generator power until local power is restored. All models are fully automatic. Homeowners can obtain levels of power suitable for running everything from specific applications, such as sump pumps and refrigerators, to complete whole-home or small office building comfort.

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Transfer Switch

Green Automatic Transfer Switches EGSU Series

Eaton's Green ATS advanced electronics continually monitor your home’s power. In the event of an outage, automatically starts your generator to provide backup power in a safe way. Even if you’re not at home, the power is transferred automatically and restored when utility power is available again. Eaton's Green ATS is the most advanced solution for your back up power needs. Keep your home and its contents safe and secure.

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